Three part photo series, based on the short story 'I Look Out For Ed Wolfe' by Stanley Elkin.
22"x12" Duratrans mounted on light boxes, exhibition plaques with quotations.

Part 1: “Brains in the brainpan. Balls in the strap. The bastards downtown. They won’t tell you. The white bread kills you. The cigarettes. The whiskey. The sneakers. The high-heels. They won’t tell you, me…I’ll tell you.”

Part 2: “I’ll play something comfortable while we talk. What do you like? Dig the sounds. Orphans up from Orleans singing the news of chain gangs to café society.”

Part 3: “A fall guy falls down, right? There’s not a mark on his clothes. Inside? Inside’s another story. Outside? Fastidiousness, immaculation, reality!”